Giving Back
Crystal Lion

Since we started hosting virtual live sales in 2019, we have donated a portion of each live sale’s earnings to a reputable charity, organization, or group in need. We focus our recipients on marginalized populations, indigenous peoples around the world, POC (people of color), the LGBTQ community, animal rights and environmental groups. Each week, we ask our community through our social media platforms which groups and charities are important to them and keep a list of the organizations doing this important work on the ground.
Since March 2020, we have shifted focus to support those who are hit hardest by the impacts of Covid19 around the world – which incidentally are still many of the marginalized groups mentioned above. If you have any suggestions for our future recipients, we encourage you to reach out to us through the website, Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook to let us know. THANK YOU for your support of the Crystal Lion and your loving participation in our amazing community!

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