AAA Grade Chrysocolla Tumbles, Brilliant Color! // ONE (1) Tumble // Communication, Grandmother Stone, Speaker’s Stone, Heart Chakra Healer

If I had dreamed up the perfect collection of Chrysocolla tumbles, I couldn’t have done it better than this! Brilliant, vibrant, perfect Chrysocolla (the green parts) are married with bits …

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If I had dreamed up the perfect collection of Chrysocolla tumbles, I couldn’t have done it better than this! Brilliant, vibrant, perfect Chrysocolla (the green parts) are married with bits of Shattuckite (the blue parts) to create this insanely stunning AAA grade material from Namibia. These tumbles are the highest quality of this material that you will find ANYWHERE. Each piece was hand chosen by me for the shop – and they are all gorgeous and perfect! Since thes two copper minerals grow together, and are present together in this collection of stones, these crystals carry the metaphysical properties of both Chrysocolla and Shattuckite.

**PLEASE NOTE** It’s incredibly hard to truly capture the color of these Chrysocolla tumbles. Please keep in mind that they are GREENER than they appear in the photos. Please also see the disclaimer at the bottom of this listing in regards to color interpretation on various screens/devices.


Good communication – I believe – is at the heart of love, respect, tolerance and equality. The ability to orate, speak one’s mind, and skillfully convey perspective can be a powerful tool to changing the world. That’s something I say without exaggeration. Good, respectful, loving communication (and open-minded listening) can quite literally change the world.

This is why I’m so excited to bring these Chrysocolla tumbles to the Crystal Lion shop. This is The Stone of Communication. Chrysocolla resonates with the throat chakra, and this is *the* stone for anyone in the vocal arts – teachers, professors, singers and musicians, those that often lecture or speak in front of groups of people – this is the stone for you. It’s also an important gemstone for those in a relationship with anybody (so – everybody!) to work on improving our communication. Hold a piece of Chrysocolla while speaking or working out a problem with a loved one, and pass the stone back and forth between you as you speak, taking turns speaking with the stone. This is a wonderful, real-world application of crystal healing benefiting our lives.

Metaphysically, Chrysocolla is a feminine stone, and a wonderful stone for first time grandmothers and especially great grandmothers, should we all be so lucky! Chrysocolla is a creative stone – particularly wonderful for musicians and those in the performing arts – and for women in later life stages tapping into their creativity once again. It’s also a teaching stone, helping us realize and understand our experiences and insights, and reach our higher knowledge. Chrysocolla, being in touch with mother earth and Gaia, teaches us that sometimes the most powerful strength comes from a place of gentleness. While it helps you speak your truth, Chrysocolla also aids in speaking from the heart. As a green stone, it resonates with the heart chakra as well, encouraging ease and loving gentleness on ourselves, as well as others.

An interesting bit of folklore surrounds Chrysocolla, and that is one of encourages people to stay at home. Historically, this stone was used by monks, hermits and other clergymen to remain home and pious. Practically speaking, this stone can benefit those who are homebound due to a variety of reasons, easing the loneliness, separation, stress, or anxiety that can come from being at home. It’s also a helpful stone for someone who tends to succumb to wanderlust but wants to get rooted and stay in one place.


Shattuckite is the Stone of Mediums. This highly spiritual stone is assists its keeper in reading and understanding spiritual messages, especially through the work with tarot and runes. This stone is an excellent communicator – it helps the keeper both interpret messages and understand their own truth and inner strength, while at the same time helping us to speak with truth and integrity. Shattuckite works on the throat chakra, helping you process spiritual information, and is wonderful for those that practice “automatic writing.” This is an important stone for those wanting to enhance and support their psychic abilities, and clean and heal old wounds, especially past life work.

Named after the Shattuck mine in Bisbee, Arizona, USA where it was first discovered, Shattuckite forms with a myriad of other minerals, including quartz, diaptase, chrysocolla and malachite. It’s striking blues and greens rival the most beautiful natural turquoise stones, and like its cousins, is a copper mineral.

Shattuckite brings strength, cleansing and clarity, especially of the spiritual nature. It’s particularly protective for those who work in the metaphysical fields, as it brings understanding and clarity of messages received through spirit guides, Tarot readings, runes, and other channels. Shattuckite helps us heal emotional wounds, clear energy blockages and enhance harmonious relationships; because it’s associated with the throat chakra (though it also connects with the heart and third eye as well), it’s a wonderful stone for ALL types of communication, and those who work in a communications field, such as public speaking, teaching, or other areas where clarity, truth, and integrity in the spoken word are of the utmost importance.

This gorgeous rare stone sharpens the intuition and is connected with the sense of synesthesia. This may be one of the reasons I love and am so deeply drawn to the this stone – synesthesia is the ability to associate taste and aroma to colors and visuals – it is a melding of the senses. This is a strong spiritual gift and Shattuckite helps us make sense of the messages we’re sent. Shattuckite is a very protective stone psychically and is the one to have near by for spiritual work.


You will receive ONE (1) tumbled Chrysocolla stone from the lot pictured. These pieces are MOST chrysocolla and may or may not have a tiny bit of Shattuckite within them. They have been categorized as Chrysocolla by the miners and tumblers. Measurements are as follows:

MEDIUM measure *approximately* 1 inch long with varying widths.
LARGE measure *approximately* 1.25 inches long but are wider/thicker/chunkier than the medium.
EXTRA LARGE measure *approximately* 1.5+ inches long but are wider/thicker/chunkier than the large.

***PLEASE NOTE: With group listings such as this one, I cannot send photos of individual stones, or pick an individual stone for you. Remember, the group listings are created with economy and the surprise factor in mind! By not listing each piece individually, it saves me time, so it saves you money – and you get the joy of a surprise in your parcel!


All stones and crystals in our shop have been cleansed with our natural mountain spring water (except for those that may dissolve in water, such as selenite) and have been smudged with organic white sage, harvested sustainably and produced fairly.

Please note that crystals, minerals and fossils are a natural product and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each side of each piece in the photos. They are creations of Mother Nature that have weathered the elements and more for untold number of years, and I cannot guarantee perfection or perfect points. These are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight, and the photos are NEVER altered.


All descriptions and content © Copyright 2017 Crystal Lion Gems.


Disclaimer: None of the information in these listings is meant to replace medical advice. We are NOT doctors. Please consult your doctor for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, gems and minerals are NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment. Information in our description is for spiritual purposes. Please do your own research on the safety of certain minerals.

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