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For so long, you’ve been asking how I work with my crystals – and especially how to create a crystal grid for your home, apartment, or bedroom. Well the time …

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For so long, you’ve been asking how I work with my crystals – and especially how to create a crystal grid for your home, apartment, or bedroom. Well the time is here! I’m so excited to share with you the exact crystals I use to grid my family’s bedrooms, our home and property. Black Tourmaline and Selenite are both classic, absolutely-must-have crystals, and using them in grids is tried-and-true way to put them to good service in and around our homes. This beautiful set includes four (4) pieces each of high-vibrational Moroccan selenite, and super grounding Brazilian Black Tourmaline. My intention in sharing this set is an offering to those who wish to grid their homes (instructions are below), however if you feel called to the set for other uses, these stones are happy to create a grid with your quartz, tumbles, and other crystals!


This listing is for ONE (1) Home Gridding set and includes FOUR (4) pieces each of Selenite and Black Tourmaline, for a total of 8 pieces. Suggestions from my personal experience gridding are below; and metaphysical properties for each stone are follows.



The grounding and immense protective properties of Black Tourmaline, coupled with the high-vibration and light of selenite, make the perfect team for magic making! Black Tourmaline is the single most protective stone on the planet, and is ideal for gridding a home for protection. What is “gridding”? Gridding with crystals is form of alchemy where crystals are placed in intentional patterns or along energy lines for a certain purpose. A grid can be small, on a tabletop with a center stone, or large and span the size of your home (or larger!). It is completely up to you!

Here are some steps to gridding your home, bedroom, or property with this set:

1. Cleanse your crystals if you see fit (remember that Selenite is cleansing to other stones and when touching your black tourmaline will keep it charged and cleansed).
2. Gather your materials – smudging tools, this set, and a clear quartz crystal.
3. Prepare the space. Clean the four corners of your home or bedroom as your crystals will be placed in these corners and should be undisturbed once in place.
4. Program your crystals. This simply means “Ask them to do this work for you.” You can stand in the center of your home, incense or smudge burning, quiet with no distractions, and hold all crystals in both hands. Ask them out loud to be of service to you and your home. Ask that they protect your home and the inhabitants within. Thank them for their service.
5. Imagining a line of energy, start with the Southernmost corner of your home and place one (1) selenite stick and one (1) black tourmaline crystal in that corner. Do this with all four corners of your home.
6. Using your quartz wand, and starting again with the Southernmost crystals now in place, touch each crystal in each corner around your home, imagining a line of energy, or bright white light, connecting them. This is your line of protection and the area within which they’re working. This can be repeated in each bedroom and even around your property by burying the crystals.
7. Optional: place additional selenite wands above every doorway in your home, and above each window.



Black Tourmaline is one of my most FAVORITE stones available to humanity. The inky black surface of a quality piece is unrivaled in my mind. This is the ultimate grounding stone. Also called “schorl” (for the German town where it is often found), Black Tourmaline is a powerhouse of energy, being an incredibly protective stone. Black Tourmaline is absolutely wonderful to use in crystal grids, gridding your home or property, used as the center of a crystal grid in your home, or carrying with you to help diffuse negative energy or toxic people. The Crystal Lion Protection gift set is also a grid of sorts.

Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest protectors and grounders of the mineral world. This is a hard core grounding stone – think of it as a metaphysical anchor. It’s incredibly protective, against a variety of threats, physical and spiritual and mental. If Smokey Quartz is a German Shepherd, than Black Tourmaline is a Rottweiler! Empaths especially love to use this stone while in public or in crowds because it quiets the emotional “chatter” of other people, giving them some much needed peace. If it’s too strong for you at first, start with some smoky quartz and build up to working with Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. It cleanses, purifies, and transforms negative, stagnant or dense energy into a lighter vibration. It’s a popular metaphysical stone, and had been used historically by magicians and shamans protection from negative entities. Today, it’s still a talisman of protection: from psychic attack, destructive forces, and even EMF (electro magnetic) pollution, such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It’s a wonderful stone to keep on your work desk for this reason. It’s a power stone, encouraging self confidence, and helps you face difficult situations with grace and ease. Some people like to have it to keep the “chatter” of other peoples’ emotions at bay; others find that it helps deal with toxic people or “energy vampires.” Black Tourmaline is a stone of purification – cleansing the emotional body of negativity and excess fear, anxiety or worry. It’s a wonderful stone to help de-stress in any situation.


Selenite is very cleansing and is often used to “charge” and cleanse other crystals. It diffuses and transmute negative energy from objects and people and aid in healing. It’s a stone of both the mind and the angelic realms, working with the high chakras. It’s a very gentle stone, and helps to quiet the mind, wonderful for meditation and other spiritual work, as well as your yoga practice or to quiet the space after a stressful day. But make note: for some, selenite is very energizing and enlivening; for this reason, spend time with it before placing it in a room where you sleep!

Selenite connects you with the higher realms, opening the higher chakras, and tapping into the Divine Mind. It helps to bring peace and connect us with the angels offering guidance, and to alleviate stress and anxiety (when my 4 year old is upset, she asks to hold a piece of selenite!). It’s soothing, calming and loving. But don’t be fooled by its serenity and peacefulness (two things it has in abundance) – this is a high vibration stone. It is an angelic stone. I call this our “guardian angel” stone.

Because they’re so cleansing, they remove blockages and roadblocks, and assist in bringing prosperity and success to one’s career or business. Have them on your work desk to keep the energy clear, the creativity flowing, and to bring abundance. Selenite also helps to clear the mind of blockages, increasing intuitive abilities, and aiding in decision making. They quiet worries and still the mind. How sweet it is!


What makes selenite a favorite of mine is how useful it is. It’s wonderful in crystal grids and layouts to call in angels, spirit guides, ease fears and to soothe. But my favorite way to use it is throughout the house to form a protective (guardian angel) grid around our home. Paired with black tourmaline (which offers a watch dog, negativity-busting boost!), it creates a protective shield around your home, keeping negativity away, and harboring peace within. I place a piece of selenite (+ black tourmaline) in each corner of the home. I place one above each doorway (front, back, sliding doors, whatever you have) and one above each window. Any space through which energy moves should have a piece of selenite above it.

The other favorite way to use selenite is as a cleansing stone. It clears and cleans any other mineral or gem it comes into contact with; place other stones on a slab of selenite overnight, or for a few days, to recharge them. It is said that selenite itself doesn’t need cleaning, but I give my working pieces (those above my doors and windows) a smudge with white sage now and again.


*Please note: I am not a doctor, nor am I recommending any health, physical, or safety advice. I am simply sharing what has worked for me and my family. The use of these gift sets in no way replaces common sense when driving, or the use of a seat belt. Please use common sense and be safe!


All stones and crystals in our shop have been cleansed with our natural mountain spring water (except for those that may dissolve in water, such as selenite) and have been smudged with organic white sage, harvested sustainably and produced fairly.

Please note that crystals, minerals and fossils are a natural product and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each side of each piece in the photos. They are creations of Mother Nature that have weathered thousands of years in the earth and I cannot guarantee them completely. They are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight, and the photos are NEVER altered.


All descriptions and content © Copyright 2017 Crystal Lion Gems.

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