Lavender Amethyst + Agate Druzy Crystal Geode SPHERE // Polished Carved Orb // Purification, Protection, Possibility, New Beginnings OOAK


Spheres are magical, powerful tools of sacred geometry – and highly regarded and beloved crystal shapes in the metaphysical world. When a gemstone is polished into a sphere, its properties …

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Spheres are magical, powerful tools of sacred geometry – and highly regarded and beloved crystal shapes in the metaphysical world. When a gemstone is polished into a sphere, its properties are radiated outwards equally in all directions, filling your space from corner to corner with its healing properties. They’re irreplaceable crystals for meditation, for communal spaces, as the centerpiece of crystal grids, and to impart the stone’s properties where you want them to go.

When these properties are combined with natural crystal geodes, they offer an additional property: purification. Geodes are understood to absorb, take in, and filter negative energies, and send it back out purified and cleansed. This is why crystal enthusiasts like to cleanse their crystals by placing them inside of geodes!

These incredible crystal spheres are divine – there’s simply no other word to describe them. Each one has been expertly carved into a sphere around the amethyst’s natural growing pattern, creating breathtaking caves, tunnels and druzies within. Each one is 100% completely NATURAL and totally unique. You will never see two exactly the same!


You will receive the exact carved Amethyst and Agate geode sphere pictured. It measures 3.25 inches in diameter. This lovely lavender sphere has the most remarkable crystals that have to be seen to be appreciated; the glassy, shimmery points are clear near the tips and have inclusions deep down into the base, giving them incredible depth. The whole sphere is shaped like a bowl and has such bright, lovely, cleansing energy!

This beautiful sphere has not passed through hundreds of hands to get to you; they come directly from my contact in Uruguay and cleansed before they go to you! Enjoy!



Agate is the name given to banded chalcedony, a member of the quartz family and found all over the world. Agate is found in literally every color of the rainbow imaginable, so it’s highly unlikely to find two identical pieces – they are all so unique! Metaphysically, agate is a softer vibration stone, and is highly regarded for its harmonizing and strengthening properties. Historically, it’s a stone of strength and stability – it’s grounding in a warm way, and incredibly protective. These pieces make wonderful travel or meditation stones, or to carry in a purse, travel bag, or car! It’s great to ease anxiety, stress, and release resentments. Agate is also a wonderful stone for children, as it has a very soft and subtle energy, but is still stabilizing and strengthening. It helps give one courage and dispel fears.


There’s a saying with essential oil enthusiasts: when in doubt, use lavender. Well, it’s the same with crystal lovers and rock hounds. When in doubt, use AMETHYST! (And isn’t it funny that they both present to us in shades of purple?). I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t love amethyst. It is a classic stone, and one of the oldest crystals to work with humans. The varying purple hues are absolutely enchanting and the crystals are always glassy and glittery. Even if you’re not in it for the metaphysical properties, just having amethyst in your home enhancing the beauty and attracts awe and love.

Amethyst ranges in shades from lavender, rose and lilac to deep, rich grape (called ‘grape jelly’) . It most commonly forms in clusters or in geodes. The metaphysical properties of amethyst are plenty: it’s best known for being a calming stone (great to keep in the bedroom) that encourages sobriety – the Ancient Greeks revered the stone for this reason, and it’s name comes from the Greek “ametusthos” meaning “not intoxicated.” Today, crystal healers and rock lovers use it as an all purpose stone. It’s soothing, relieves stress, and promotes love, peace, tranquility and ease. It is highly spiritual as well, tapping into the Crown Chakra, and helping us find wisdom, hone our inner voice and sharpen our intuition. It is one of the few stones that I will definitely have in the bedroom, for its soothing, calming effect which aids sleep (for some, it can enhance dreams, too). It is an incredibly healing stone, especially on an emotional level. You can’t go wrong with having amethyst in your home, wearing it on your person, or carrying in a medicine bag. It’s another stone with highly spiritual attributes that is connected with the higher chakras, enhancing intuitive and psychic abilities, and connecting us with the spiritual realms.

**Please note: Amethyst’s vibrant purple color can fade when left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Please bear this in mind as you find a spot to place your amethyst.


All stones and crystals in our shop have been cleansed with our natural mountain spring water (except for those that may dissolve in water, such as selenite) and have been smudged with organic white sage, harvested sustainably and produced fairly.

Please note that crystals, minerals and fossils are a natural product and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each side of each piece in the photos. They are creations of Mother Nature that have weathered thousands of years in the earth and I cannot guarantee them completely. They are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight and the photos are NEVER altered.


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Disclaimer: Please note that none of the information in these listings is meant to replace medical advice. We are NOT doctors. Please consult your doctor, counselor, or social worker for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, gems and minerals are NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment. They are for for external use only. Please use caution with crystals placed against the skin. Do your own research to see if crystals are safe to be turned into jewelry.

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