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Grow into your fullest self; Grow out of old generational patterns; say no to repeating the mistakes of your ancestors and those who came before you. Harness the wisdom your …

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Grow into your fullest self; Grow out of old generational patterns; say no to repeating the mistakes of your ancestors and those who came before you. Harness the wisdom your ancestors have to offer, and use them for your highest and greatest good. This is exactly what crystals skulls want to assist you with! Did you find skulls frightening at first? A bit unnerving? Certainly, cultures around the world connect them with death; but death is neither a terrible thing, nor is it the only interpretation of skull magic. Crystal Skulls have been used to tap into our inner wisdom, an ancient wisdom, and fully come to understand our purpose here on earth.

The skulls we carry in the shop are incredibly unique, and they are like no other in the world! We get our skulls from a family of miners and carvers who work exclusively in Brazilian quartz to create these special pieces. This sculptor/manufacturer makes the most detailed carved crystal skulls, with natural proportions, looking realistic without looking scary, and include details you won’t find in other crystal skulls. I promise that you won’t find higher quality carved skulls in the crystal market! The detail is remarkable in these skulls – such as hollowed out mandibles, and details on the bottom, which are not seen by anyone but their keeper – which you will not find anywhere else. Work with one, and you join centuries of humans to learn the immense power of the crystal skull (the description below shares more about the wonders of these ancient carvings).


This listing is for ONE (1) mini Howlite Skull, measuring approximately 1 inch.


When purchasing carved crystal (such as a skull, a carved animal, an obelisk, tower, generator, sphere, pyramid or other shape), it’s important to remember that the act of sculpting the stone changes its energy. Once you bring home a carved specimen, you are now working with two elements: 1) the crystal itself and its properties, and 2) the shape that the crystal was carved into (and what that means). Skulls have very interesting meanings.


First, it’s important to note that skulls *only* emit positive energy. Some people are drawn to them, some people are not. Others feel that they are morbid, or associated with witchcraft, Wicca practices, or the occult, however, cultures for millennia have used the skull as a symbol of something other than death or the afterlife. Crystal skulls today are used to awaken human consciousness, and to help us understand who we are and why we are here. Humans have always sought to understand our purpose in life and how we came to be on this planet, whether approached from a scientific or spiritual place. Crystal Skulls are used for energy work and healing, enhancing psychic abilities, increasing self-awareness, creating balance in once life, and in understanding the nature of human creation and evolution.


Howlite is one of the most peaceful, gentle stones in the mineral kingdom. It soothes nightmares and ushers in sweet dreams (and aids in dream retention and understanding). It’s metaphysically calming of the mind and spirit, and some believe it calms the body, releasing muscle tension, and allowing us stress relief as well. It’s a lovely stone to combat anxiety; simply holding a piece and turning it around in your hand is a meditative process. Howlite softens anger and eases tension. It sets the overactive mind at ease, in a strong, soothing way, as if holding space for you when you can’t hold it for yourself. Howlite is a stone of Trust: reminding you that you are held, you are safe, and that you can trust in the process of your life.


All stones and crystals in our shop have been cleansed with our natural mountain spring water (except for those that may dissolve in water, such as selenite) and have been smudged with organic white sage, harvested sustainably and produced fairly.

Please note that crystals, minerals and fossils are a natural product and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each side of each piece in the photos. Please remember that all monitors and screens pick up colors differently. My photos are ALWAYS taken in natural sunlight and are NEVER enhanced. Each one is unique and one of a kind. They are creations of Mother Nature that have weathered thousands of years in the earth. 🙂


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Disclaimer: Please note that none of the information in these listings is meant to replace medical advice. We are NOT doctors. Please consult your doctor, counselor, or social worker for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, gems and minerals are NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment. They are for for external use only. Please use caution with crystals placed against the skin. Do your own research to see if crystals are safe to be turned into jewelry.

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