NEW! Gemstone Wine Stopper // CHOOSE from Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Red Jasper, Amethyst // Natural Untreated Gemstones Wine Cork Home Decor


NEW! Just in from the Denver gem show! These beautiful and colorful wine stoppers are made from authentic gemstones that were ethically sourced from Madagascar. Each one is topped with …



NEW! Just in from the Denver gem show! These beautiful and colorful wine stoppers are made from authentic gemstones that were ethically sourced from Madagascar. Each one is topped with a polished crystal (of your choosing) which unscrews for easy cleaning. I love working with gemstones in all ways in the home – and when I saw these at the Denver show, I knew I wanted to bring them to you! We do best when we treat everything in our world with care and respect and sacredness – especially what we put into our bodies! I love the idea of adorning our wine bottles with beauty and the energy of crystals!


This listing is for ONE (1) Gemstone Wine Stopper of your choosing. Please make your selection from the drop down menu: ROSE QUARTZ (pink), AMAZONITE (turquoise green), AMETHYST (purple), RED JASPER (red/orange).

These make wonderful holiday gifts!!



Metaphysically speaking, Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love. This is a universal, complete, full love. This is not necessarily a romantic love stone, though of course rose quartz will support that as well. Rose Quartz promotes peace, ease, gentleness and compassion towards others and the self. It has an uncanny ability to relieve pains of the heart and suffering related to heartache; as it is a pink stone, it is a heart chakra stone and resonates with this chakra. What I love most about rose quartz is that it encourages you to be GENTLE. This is not a high energy forceful stone; this is a crystal of calm, serenity and peace in matters of the heart.

Rose Quartz also stimulates creativity in the ways of beauty – it resonates with music and art, writing and poetry. It stimulates the imagination, and strengthens connections between people. It helps bond groups of people, communities and strengthen families. It’s a great stone for self care, and self healing.

Tenderness, healing, nourishment, comfort and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is rose quartz!


Whether you’re an experienced crystal collector, or a newbie to the world of rockhounding, you simply can’t go wrong with Amethyst. It is a classic stone, and it is one of the oldest stones to work with humans. I personally love unique Amethyst formations – crystal flowers, stalactites or agate eyes in the amethyst, and all in deep, dark purples, rosey blush smoky shades, and lavenders – and that is what you will find in my shop!

There’s a saying with essential oil enthusiasts: when in doubt, use lavender. Well, it’s the same with crystal lovers and rock hounds. When in doubt, use AMETHYST! (And isn’t it funny that they both present to us in shades of purple?). I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t love amethyst. The varying purple hues are absolutely enchanting and the crystals are always glassy and glittery. Even if you’re not in it for the metaphysical properties, just having amethyst in your home enhancing the beauty and attracts awe and love.

Amethyst ranges in shades from lavender, rose and lilac to deep, rich grape (called ‘grape jelly’) . It most commonly forms in clusters or in geodes. The metaphysical properties of amethyst are plenty: it’s best known for being a calming stone (great to keep in the bedroom) that encourages sobriety – the Ancient Greeks revered the stone for this reason, and it’s name comes from the Greek “ametusthos” meaning “not intoxicated.” Today, crystal healers and rock lovers use it as an all purpose stone. It’s soothing, relieves stress, and promotes love, peace, tranquility and ease. It is highly spiritual as well, tapping into the Crown Chakra, and helping us find wisdom, hone our inner voice and sharpen our intuition. It is one of the few stones that I will definitely have in the bedroom, for its soothing, calming effect which aids sleep (for some, it can enhance dreams, too). It is an incredibly healing stone, especially on an emotional level. You can’t go wrong with having amethyst in your home, wearing it on your person, or carrying in a medicine bag. It’s another stone with highly spiritual attributes that is connected with the higher chakras, enhancing intuitive and psychic abilities, and connecting us with the spiritual realms.


Amazonite’s history with humans is long and powerful. It’s semi-mythical origin story is deeply rooted in the Amazon rainforest, for which it gets its name, linked with a fierce tribe of warrior women called the Amazonians. Respected and revered for their strength, the Amazonians adorned their shields with the gorgeous blue-green stone we know today as Amazonite. In parts of Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia, this stone was carved into the facades of structures and jewelry, and for tablets for the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The tomb of Tutankhamen is said to have contained the pharoah’s Amazonite carved ring.

The stone is now found all around the world, with the largest deposits being in Brazil, Ethiopia, Russia, India and Madagascar. Metaphysically, Amazonite is fiercely protective, highly healing, and above all, truthful. Sometimes known as the Amazon Stone, this crystal inspires truth, honesty and sincerity. It helps you set clear boundaries, with yourself and others, and encourages you to live by truth and integrity. It aids in communication and conflict resolution, not by simply speaking your truth, but by encouraging you to see a situation from another’s perspective. It’s an incredibly lucky stone (great for games of chance), and has been revered as one of prosperity, helping you to make wise financial choices and attracting success in your career and business endeavors.

This stone is associated with the Zodiac sign of Virgo and it’s easy to understand why: some recommend placing it in a child or teen’s bedroom to encourage tidiness; another application is to keep it near main living spaces and kitchens to motivate members of the house to help with chores. My favorite application of Amazonite, though, is to dispel and block geopathic stress by reducing the impact of EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies). In the modern day, we’re each connected to a device, and even if we aren’t, we’re immersed in the wireless frequencies of all of the devices that others are using around us. Amazonite acts as a barrier and filter, protecting against the harmful radiation given off by cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the appliances in our home (yes, even the dishwasher emits EMFs!) that add to electromagnetic pollution. I keep my Amazonite collection on my desk with my electronics for this very reason.


All stones and crystals in our shop have been cleansed with our natural mountain spring water (except for those that may dissolve in water, such as selenite) and have been smudged with organic white sage, harvested sustainably and produced fairly.

Please note that crystals, minerals and fossils are a natural product and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each side of each piece in the photos. They are creations of Mother Nature that have weathered thousands of years in the earth and I cannot guarantee them completely. They are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight, and the photos are NEVER altered. 🙂


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Disclaimer: None of the information in these listings is meant to replace medical advice. We are NOT doctors. Please consult your doctor for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, gems and minerals are NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment. Information in our description is for spiritual purposes. Please do your own research on the safety of certain minerals.

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