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Fair and equal trade means the world to us. We have the highest standards for
ethically mined crystals in the industry.

Offered With Love

We specialize in rare, unusual, and simply beautiful gems and minerals that are
conscientiously sourced from all over the world.

From Earth to Altar ™

We’re proud to offer hand selected, hand crafted metaphysical gifts
and tools of the highest quality and cleanest environmental footprint.

Do What You Love

Learn, work your magic, and grow! We want you to work with your crystals and
tools to expand your spiritual practice, in your own unique way.

Healing With Crystals

As long as we are living, we are on a journey of growth – and the natural world offers tools such as herbs, oils, animal guides, and, of course, crystals. Working with these powerful allies can enhance both our quality of life and spiritual practice. Crystals have helped me immensely on my own personal journey, and I want to share the tools and wisdom I’ve gained with the world.

While they make beautiful home decor on their own, I want to empower my customers to see their crystals as sacred spiritual tools, ready to be of service. With every product we list, I share my personal experiences and best practices – so you can get right to work on your own journey of growth and healing.

Always Natural. Always Honest.

It’s common in the crystal business to treat specimens with heat, irradiation or chemicals, or sell from mines that do not follow safe practices for their workers or the environment. At The Crystal Lion, we decided to be uncommon.

We partner with sustainable sources, small family businesses, and fairly paid artisans all around the world to bring you the best that the mineral world has to offer. We hand select each piece in our collection with love, research each source, and ensure that all of our products come to you in an environmentally sustainable way.

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